THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: When I was ten, my father and I walked across the Himalayas to exile in India. In order to take my mind off the dangers that lurked beneath each step of the formidable Himalayan passes, my father told me a story so terrifying and riveting that it haunts me to this day!  Mystic Mountain is the story, it is also the rope that held me to life and helped me cross the Himalayas as a child.

THE STORY: Mystic Mountain is a psychological thriller that takes place in a village tucked in the folds of the Himalayas. Tsewang, a young Tibetan warrior, is searching for his father's dead body, which had disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Through his search, he finds himself entangled with Mikmar, a man who practices black magic and who can direct his consciousness into other bodies. 

THE PROJECT: I've spent over two years working on this project, and this past summer I finished shooting it in Mustang, a kingdom situated on the Tibet-Nepal border. Now the project is in post-production. We plan to complete the movie by fall 2014. I'm seeking your support in funding the post-production stage of this film.